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Identification and quantification of proteins in complex biological samples: direct chromatography and mass spectrometry approach using multiparameter sets of complementary sequence-specific data on proteolytic peptides (Russian Science Foundation, project # 14-14-00971), 2014-2016

Spontaneous deamidation of asparagine residue and its effect in global proteome profiling (CRDF travel project # FSAX-14-60275-0), 2014-1015

High speed proteomics Analysis (Prot-HiSPRA): Solving the bottlenecks of proteomics technologies for time sensitive proteome driven medical desicions( FP7-HEALTH-2011-single-stage, European Commission 7th Framework Program, 282506 Prot-HiSPRA), 2011-2014

Two-dimentional "predictive" liquid chromatography as a novel tool to characterize proteins with posttranslational modifications (Russian Foundation for Basic Research, 11-04-00515-а), 2011-2013

Ionization source based on DART technology for ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometer (Russian Foundation for Basic Research, 09-08-00633-а), 2009-2011

Study on the structure of synthetic and biological macromolecules using critical chromatography-mass spectrometry platform ( Russian Academy of Sciences Program ), 2009-2011

Hyphenated Approach to "Shotgun" Phosphoproteomics: Profiling of O-Phosphorylated Peptides Using the Combination of BioLCCC and Tandem Mass Spectrometry (RFBR-CRDF 08-04-91121-а), 2008-2009.

Universal approach to generation of accurate mass and retention time (AMT) proteome databases for peptide markers of proteins (Russian Foundation for Basic Research, 08-04-01339), 2008-2010

Comprehensive model for high throughput analysis of complex proteome (Russian Foundation for Basic Research, 06-04-49632), 2006-2007

Study on the structure of synthetic and biological macromolecules using critical chromatography-mass spectrometry platform (Russian Academy of Sciences: OXHM RAS 4.2), 2006-2008

Generation and Dissemination of Accurate Mass and Retention Time Tag Databases in the Context of Collaborative High Throughput Quantitative Proteomics Experiments (INTAS Genomics 05-1000004-7759), 2006-2008

AP-MALDI-miniFTICR Mass Spectrometer Based on Reversible Magnetic Field Technology (CRDF RUE1-000588-MO-05), 2006-2007

Liquid Chromatography at Critical Conditions in Combination with Mass Spectrometry for Structural Characterization of Biopolymers (INTAS Young Scientist Fellowship Program, grant 04-83-2643), 2005-2007

Permanent Magnet Assembly for High Resolution Detector of a Radio-Frequency Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer (CRDF RUC1-5031-MO-04), 2004-2005

Liquid Chromatography at Critical Conditions/High Throughput Mass Spectrometry for Identification of Modified Polypeptides (Russian Foundation for Basic Research, grant 03-04-48228, Russian Academy of Sciences: GK 10002-251-ОХНМ-02/129-121/010604-419), 2003-2005

Identification of Large Biomolecules by ESI FTICR Mass Spectrometry (Russian Foundation for Basic Research, 99-04-49261), 1999-2001

An Internet-Accessible Multi-User Interface of Mass Spectrometry (Russian Foundation for Basic Research, 01-07-90147), 2001-2003